I Forgot to Rent a Dumpster – Now What?

You’ve started organizing the house for the big move and slowly, but surely, the garage has become a haven for everyone’s unwanted junk. There are broken bikes, racks of CDs and VHS tapes, rotting wood and who knows what else thrown throughout the garage. You may realize sooner than later that all of this stuff has to go, but how are you going to get rid of it all? The wise idea would have been to rent a dumpster in advance, so your family could slowly fill it up over the course of a week or two weeks. Between work, family and the move, it’s easy to forget how you’ll get rid of everything that doesn’t need to make the trip to the new house.

Don’t fret! You can still rent a dumpster. If you have everything ready to go, you’re kind of in the ideal situation. This means you can rent the dumpster for the day or weekend and you can load all of the waste into it without wasting time cleaning. Your family will have already cleaned and packed the bulk of their belongings, so all of the trash can accumulate in the garage or in a designated spot outside. In order to move quickly, trash that can go in a bag should be stored that way. Items like broken scooters can simply be tossed into the dumpster on their own.


Here are a few more tips when renting a dumpster for residential cleaning:

  1. Know what you’re talking about. A lot of the time dumpster rental services work with professionals such as contractors and don’t do a ton of business with home owners. Dumpsters are usually called “rolloffs” or “containers,” so use their lingo when renting a container.
  2. Containers come in cubic yards. Have an idea of what you’ll need when speaking with the dumpster rental company so you don’t end up overspending on a dumpster that’s far too big for your needs.
  3. Check with your HOA about having a container on the street. Unless you have a sizeable driveway, most of the time the dumpster will go on the street, either in front of or next to the house. Most HOA agreements specify that you cannot have these things on the street, but you may be able to get around this by going before the board and letting them know how long it will be there and during what hours. The most successful way to do is to have the container on the street during non-peak hours and for one day only. While this may not be the most convenient thing for you, it is the best way to abide by HOA rules while you’re still in your home. Remember – you haven’t moved yet!

Make the most of renting a dumpster by having the bulk of items your family is getting rid of ready to go. This allows you to spend less on the dumpster rental and put more of that hard-earned cash towards your new home.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Guidelines

Here are a few quick questions you should consider when shopping around for the good dumpster service:

  • What Will They Charge? You will want to know what they are going to charge for the amount of waste you have. That is, most dumpster services will charge by the weight of waste. Also find out the additional charges for going over you weight limit. You might think that won’t ever happen, but everyone makes mistakes when working with trash hauling. Keeping in all the costs and fees is one big key to finding out which dumpster service is best for you.
  • What Size Do I Need? Depending on much waste there is, you will need to figure out the size of the proper dumpster. Doing so can help out, because you don’t want to just purchase the biggest one they have and then not fill it up all the time. If you do this, then you’re wasting your money. But it can also be a hassle if you get a dumpster that is too small, and on top of that, you could also be charged for those additional fees.
  • Do I Want Local? In most cases, you will probably want to hunt for local dumpster services. This will help out, because typically local dumpster services may not put such large surcharges on when you go over the allowed amount of weight. Also, local businesses are great because they will usually try to entice you through exceptional customer service, while large companies and major corporations will not care nearly as much if you rent from them.
  • What About Waste? This is important to consider, because not all waste will be accepted into dumpster. That said, some waste, like hazardous and liquid wastes will not be. If this is the case, you will need to seek other alternatives.


Now with the questions out of the way, take your time, and do the appropriate research. Doing this can save both time and money on your part. You will be able to find quotes and prices, and take notes to compare those dumpster rental prices. Don’t be afraid to call in and speak to local companies as well.

Remember, it might sound hard, but finding the best dumpster service for you is definitely doable.


How to Find a Dumpster Rental Service

Whether you’re a residential property or a commercial business and need a dumpster rental service in your city, there are a few things to take into account when tracking down the appropriate service in your area.

  1. What size of dumpster do you need? This gives you an idea of what you’re looking for when you start looking up dumpster rental companies online. Dumpsters are available in cubic yards, ranging from 15-40 cubic yards. It is almost always better to rent a dumpster that is slightly too big than end up with one that’s too small. Dumpsters are also assigned a weight limit. Exceeding the weight limit can result in fees tacked onto your rental agreement. This is common practice for all dumpster rental companies large and small since people try to get away with packing extra things into the dumpster.
  2. Start your search online. Many dumpster rental companies have websites and FAQ pages where they go over the basics of what sizes containers they have available, their rates and how long you can rent these containers for. From here you can call the individual company with any follow-up questions. This may include asking how soon they’re available or if they are willing to do same day drop-off and pickup of the container. While this option is not always listed on sites, smaller companies are often willing to do it, especially if you’re in a residential area and do not have the space to hold on to the container for long.
  3. Ask about permits and regulations. Many homes need a permit from the county or the city (depending on which one you’re in) in order to have a container sitting on the street. Depending on the container’s size, it may interfere with traffic, which is why a permit is required. Many home owner associations prohibit containers on the street, even with a permit from the authorities. In this case, you will need an OK from the HOA, which usually requires going before the board to make your case. Remember to be courteous and accommodating with your request. how-to-choose-your-dumpster
  4. Do I have to get a permit or permission? If the roll off container will be on your property, you may not need a permit or permission. Usually the county or city will be OK with a container that is on your own property. In this case, it is more the HOA that you have to worry about. In some cases, the HOA will approve dumpster rentals that are brought onto the street or your property for the day only. This means the company has to be willing to do a drop-off and pick-up on the same day. While this isn’t incredibly unusual for dumpster rental companies, it may take some time to find one in your city that operates same day rentals.
  5. Ask what can’t go in the container. Some companies have strict regulations on what can and can’t go in their containers. Most will have these regulations listed on their website and will go over this with clients either over the phone or in person. Either way, make sure everyone involved in the cleanup knows what’s allowed in the container and what isn’t. Any damage to the container will result in additional fees.


Fees for Dumpster Rentals

Fees for your dumpster rental will vary from city to city. How large of a container you need, as well as how long you need it will also determine the cost. In some cities, smaller companies that cater to small jobs and residences will charge more than big companies. Larger dumpster rental companies tend to do business with contractors and commercial businesses, but they are usually equipped for smaller the jobs. The upside to working with large dumpster rental companies is they usually have long hours that will fit any schedule. Regardless of what company you go with, always call after visiting the company’s site. Most sites lay out things like costs, sizes of containers available and hours of pick-up and drop-off on their website.

1. See how much it will cost. Dumpster rentals mostly rotate around how large that dumpster is. They are available in 15-40 cubic yards with many choices for sizes in-between. Remember when comparing prices online or over the phone to ask about the specific size of container that you need. Also remember that more is more when it comes to dumpster rentals. If you can get a better deal at another company and think the container may be too big, you’re probably better off going with it versus not having enough room to put your junk and trash.
2. Ask about the time. Most prices quoted are for a set amount of time, either a few days or a week. In some cases, dumpster rental companies have containers available for up to two weeks. Either way, ask about the time allotted for the quoted price. Also inquire about how much fees will be if you end up keeping the container beyond the set time. If you are renovating a home or tearing apart a pool, projects can sometimes run longer than you think. In these cases, you want to be prepared for any additional fees for holding on to the container longer than usual.
3. Ask about weight fees. Again, the quoted price involves a set weight. In the event you go over the set weight, ask the dumpster rental company about how much it costs and how these fees are tacked on to your bottomline. Most charge by the ton when it comes to excess weight. This is why renting a container that is slightly too large is a good idea, especially for renovations or moving.
4. Remember that fees are set by landfill fees. It costs the company to unload your waste onto the landfill. Because these prices are pretty much the same throughout the city or county, prices will be around the same point from company to company. Depending on what you need in terms of size and duration of time, will determine what the best deal for you is.
5. Demolition debris weighs more. If you’re doing renovations and end up with a ton of debris, this is when larger containers matter. For moving, when the majority of the trash will be standard household waste and junk, you can probably get away with a smaller container.

What Kind of Dumpster Company To Hire

Look for Experience: Experience is definitely something you’ll want to keep your eye out for. Why? Because a business – any business – relies on the respect and repeated visits of its customer and its reputation. In the end, you’re going to want to search for a dumpster rental company that has survived the long haul. And while many companies you find may end up being trustworthy, no matter their experience, there are many that will be untrustworthy as well. Most of the untrustworthy ones, you can bet have only last a year or two. That’s because of their reputation, of course. No customers or clients are going to want to stay on board with a company they don’t trust or get satisfying results from. A company that is well-established, on the other hand, may yield much more promising results. Another plus with an established company, is that you can always search the Web to find out reviews from past customers.


Keep it Local

By staying with a company that is locally owned, you have much more to gain out of it. This is because local companies will usually end up going out of their way to earn your continual business for years to come through excellent customer service skills. Large corporations, however, don’t really care if you come knocking on their door or not. This is mainly because they already have loads of customers buying and renting from them, so it doesn’t matter if you do or not. Also, it may be relevant to point out that larger companies will typically charge huge fees – more so than smaller waste management companies.

Waste: Now what does this mean?

Well simply, look at what the company does with the waste they handle. What exactly do they do with it? After all, you pay to rent and fill a dumpster, so what do they do with all of that junk? Try your best to find a dumpster rental company that will help out the environment by recycling or donating everything possible from roll off dumpsters, so that they won’t have to further fill up the landfills.

In the end, keeping these tips in mind will help you to pick out the best dumpster rentals from the best dumpster rental companies.

Who Exactly Uses Dumpster Rentals?

Whether you’re renovating, remodeling, or tearing down part of a house, signing up for dumpster rentals may be the way to go. After all, dumpsters are just for huge companies and businesses. A broad range of people actually use dumpster and dumpster services. And why not, when they make trash so easy to get rid of? It may never have crossed your mind until now, but dumpster rentals are so convenient, that they just make everyday life that much more easy.


You may own a house, or maybe you’re part of committee in the neighborhood. Either way, a dumpster rental can benefit you. Neighborhood dumpsters, in fact, work well in that they help to keep the streets clean. Having a dumpster makes your neighborhood nicer, cleaner, and just better in the long-run. Plus, you don’t want trash lying everywhere where animals and even children can mess with such junk. That aside, it just looks awful when a neighborhood is full of strewn out trash.


When you’re moving from one house to another, a great thing to invest in is a dumpster rental. Leaving one available can make you and other movers really realize how much trash and junk there is, and how much stuff you may want to get rid of. After all, when moving, you will more than likely find items that you haven’t used in years, that can go in a roll-off container, and thus have no more use for, even today.


Both large and small business will also use dumpster rentals to make their lives easier as well. Whether the companies is moving to another location, or it’s a type of business that yields a bunch of trash, having dumpsters out in the parking lot makes sure to keep said business as clean as it can be… well, at least it helps them not have a bunch of trash lying everywhere. Plus, it’s also good to have a dumpster out there at the end of the day when everyone is leaving, so they can just throw their garbage away as they leave work.


There you have it: dumpster rentals come in handy, and a lot of people use them for good reason. That all said, there are a few exceptions, such as the following:


Those who need to dispose of solid waste don’t use a dumpster. It’s actually not OK to dump certain hazardous waste and liquids into dumpsters, especially rented dumpster. Doing so will not keep the dumpster in good condition for years to come. Instead, it can easily ruin it, as well as the environment. Paint, as well as other liquid materials can also dry out in the sun and from there, ruin the receptacle as the pain will probably be there forever, and make it permanently heavier. This in turn can cause other debris to cake on.


Other than a few exceptions, like the one above, numerous amounts of people and companies will use dumpster rentals. These rented dumpster make it more than easy to get rid of unwanted materials, trash, and junk alike. Basically, people use them because it just makes life easier in the long-run, plus it helps out the environment.

Why will you need to rent a dumpster?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why someone might need to use a dumpster rental service.

  1. You’re moving. Moving means getting rid of the old to make room for the new. If you’ve lived in your property for a number of years and have a family, there’s a good chance there’s a lot to get rid of. Trash, electronics that no longer work, junk that filled the garage and more all need to go before you start packing the necessities for your new home. Instead of putting a lot of junk in a yard sale that won’t make much money, rent a dumpster and have someone haul it off for you. Remember that only trash and junk should go in this dumpster. Anything that is useable can be donated if you don’t have time for a yard sale. A lot of the time we think we may turn a pretty penny by hosting a garage sale, but most of the time it ends up being more hassle than it’s worth. Use a dumpster to move out the junk and keep only what you need for moving into the new space.
  2. why-rent-a-dumpster

  3. You’re renovating. You’ve watched one too many home improvement DIY shows and now you’re deciding to take action and remove a wall. That’s great and we commend you for it, but where is all of that junk and debris going when you’re doing. This is the perfect time to use a dumpster rental service. Keep in mind that because most dumpster rentals last between a few days and two weeks, you want to work quickly on your project. If you’ve taken off a week from the office to renovate the kitchen, this would be the ideal time to rent a dumpster because you’ll be working at a fast pace and want to move debris out quickly.
  4. Overhauling your yard. Anyone who has ever participated in a serious yard makeover knows it can be as messy and exhausting as home renovations. After all, the yard is part of your home – it’s just outside! If you’re tearing apart your deck, creating new flower beds or removing grass to create a garden, you may need help from a dumpster to take that debris off your hands. This can be a small or large job, so talk to your dumpster rental service about the size of project you’re dealing with to get an idea of what size dumpster you need.

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What to Look For In a Dumpster Service

Getting rid of loads of garbage and other waste can be a hassle, and take time and money. It’s not exactly the most fun thing in the world, that’s for sure, but it’s got to be done. That said, it’s probably time to look for a dumpster service if you haven’t already. But which dumpster services are the best? Renting a dumpster can also be a chore itself, but finding the best dumpster service is also a chore. Glancing at the advice below will help you find out the best service when it comes to renting dumpsters.

Look for a reliable Businesses:

Sometimes keeping it easy is the way to go. Why? Because reliable typically easier to do your business with. Also, they will typically do everything in their power to keep you, that is, a small business will. This means that you’ll probably get the best customer service. That said, larger waste management companies don’t exactly care if you end up going with their services or not, because they already have so many people and customers lined up. Thus, staying reliable means you’re looking into a company that will fight to give you great services, through their own outstanding customer service. Make sense? Also, it’s not unusual for larger waste management companies to charge up the wall for their services.

Make sure you get all the associated fees

Yup, this is another biggie when it comes for hunting down the best roll off dumpster service. This is especially true in a time like this, when money is hard. Looking around at the prices of different companies is definitely a key in trying to find the best service. That said, keep your options open and take down notes for each company, and what they cost. Doing so will allow you to compare prices easily. Don’t forget about searching the Web. Yup, the internet seems to have everything these days, including companies, their services and what they have to offer, and of course, their prices. Reliable Dumpster Rentals alleviates all of this by offering prices you can depend on.

Make sure you know what size you need

One last thing to remember when you’re searching for the best dumpster service is to find out if there are any hidden fees. What does this mean? Well, with whichever company you’re thinking about going with, sniff around to make sure they have some good ideas. Doing this will make sure that you are satisfied with what they have to offer. And, providing that you’re not, you can always get your money back. This might take a bit of researching and calling on the phone to speak with company reps, but doing so will definitely pay off. After all, you don’t want to go with a service that doesn’t give you the results you were looking for, do you? Doing this will make sure they have some kind of guarantee on their services, such as if they don’t pick up your garbage on time.

You want to do business with a company that will respect you, and deliver you the services that you deserve. Following this information will help you to find out what to look for in a dumpster service.