Get Your Dumpster FAQs Answered

Ready to rent a dumpster? You might have questions. Here are the answers:

How far in advance do I need to book a dumpster rental?

As with any business, the sooner you know the dates for your rental, the better we’ll be able to accommodate your needs. There are certain periods of the year when the need for dumpster rentals increase. Usually, around the first of the month when folks are moving and need to get rid of junk is a busy time. However, there are many occasions where you could get a unit delivered on the same day. When you’ve decided you need a dumpster, call a service representative to get the ball rolling.


Do I have to be home when the dumpster is delivered?

If our service crews have clear instructions for drop off, you don’t have to be there. Of course, it is always advisable for you to be present for the drop off to make sure the unit is placed right where you need it to go. On the bigger dumpster rentals, once they are secured, they can’t be moved again until the pickup. If the dumpster is going on the street, you might want to use traffic cones to block out the area the night before.

Is there a weight limit for a dumpster?

Yes, there are some instances where you can overfill a dumpster. This typically happens when your rubbish includes concrete or stones. In those cases, you might only be able to fill a dumpster half way. But if you have the bigger unit, you should be able to get everything hauled away in a single appointment.

Will a dumpster damage my driveway?

It is always recommended that pieces of plywood be placed under a dumpster rental. As it fills up, that unit is going to get extremely heavy. If you prefer to avoid your driveway all together, the dumpster can be situated on the street outside your property. This might require additional permits but these are easy to come by.

Is there anything I can’t put in the dumpster?

Just like with your weekly garbage pickup, there are restrictions to dumpster trash, specifically with hazardous materials. If you look up what is considered a hazardous material on the city’s municipal website, the same rules apply. This doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of those items; you’ll just need to drop them off at the proper facilities.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

You should have some idea of how long you need the dumpster before you set up the contract. The prices are based on dumpster size and duration of the rental. Most home cleanup rentals are for three days. There are extended contracts. Once you begin your cleanup, if you feel the need to keep the dumpster longer, you can easily switch your contract by calling the reps.


What Size Dumpster Do You Need?

Once you have determined that your cleanup project requires a dumpster rental, the next question is to ask what size would be right for your needs? The scheduling representative will be a huge help in determining the right size. They know from experience what each dumpster can hold. Consider this guide to help you formulate the correct dumpster choice:

10 Yard Dumpster

These are the units that almost look like a big dumpster has had the top lopped off. They are typically 12 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. high. These are the kind of roll off containers that are perfect for cleaning out a basement or garage, removing a 250 sq ft deck or with a small bathroom-remodeling job.

20 Yard Dumpster

The next size up is the 20-yard dumpster that measures in at 22 ft long, 8 ft wide and 4.5 ft high. You can fill this size dumpster with around 10 pickup truck loads. It’s great if you’re replacing carpet in a big house or replacing up to 3,000 sq ft of roof shingles.

30 Yard Dumpster

The 30 yard dumpster measures in at 22 ft long, 8 ft wide and 6 ft high. This is the dumpster to rent if you’re handling a foreclosure or estate cleanout. It will also hold all the debris from a major home renovation project such as an addition or siding replacement.

40 Yard Dumpster

This is the big boy of dumpster rentals that measures out to 22 ft long, 8 ft wide and 8 ft high. This is the dumpster of choice for an ongoing major construction project like a home build or commercial building cleanout.

Before renting a dumpster there are a few things to keep in mind. You need at least 60 feet of clearance on the street for the unloading and loading of the roll off dumpster. In other words, the truck needs room to make the delivery. Also, you can only fill up a dumpster to just below the rim. That is because a tarp is required to be placed over the unit during transportation to the landfill. There might also be the need for a permit if the dumpster is being placed on a public street. That pertain is easy to obtain from your local municipality. If the dumpster is going on your private property, then you won’t need a permit.

A dumpster can be rented for a weekend, a week or an extend period of time. If the dumpster becomes full and you still need to clear out debris, you can arrange for a swap out of an empty unit. Even if you need same-day service, that can be arranged. Getting rid of all your rubbish in a dumpster container is just a phone call away.


Hassle Free Dumpster Rental

If you’ve decided to finally toss out all the junk that is cluttering up your home, then you could be in for a major DIY kind of project. You’ll have to rent a truck big enough to haul away all that stuff. You’ll also need to find the closest certified landfill for the dumping. Just reaching that landfill is no guarantee that you can dump your trash right away. You might have to wait in a long line of other folks looking to dump their junk. Is there a better way to get rid of your junk? Actually, there is and that would be renting your own roll off dumpster container.

You’ve seen plenty of dumpsters in action behind alleys, at apartment complexes and at construction sites. Now, you can rent a dumpster of your own for your DIY junk cleanup. All you have to do is focus on what you want to get rid of. The reliable dumpster company will drop off the unit, make it secure and pick it up when it’s done. They’ll be the ones waiting in line for the drop off. Once they roll off with your dumpster full of junk, you don’t have to give it a second thought.


Picking the right size dumpster is an important part of the equation. Once again, this doesn’t have to be a hassle when you’re working with an experienced dumpster rental company. They know exactly how much each dumpster can hold and will be able to make the right recommendation for your project. Just tell the service rep what you plan on using the dumpster for and they’ll get you the right unit. In some neighborhoods, you might need a permit for a dumpster that is going to be situated on your street. The dumpster company will know from your address if you need those permits and can provide the right links. In many cases, those permits can be obtained online.

Knowing you can easily rent a dumpster might actually inspire you to take on more DIY projects beyond clearing out junk from your garage or basement. A dumpster container can come in handy if you’re redoing your garden or deck. They will absolutely be needed if you’re replacing a roof. Anyone who has been put in charge of an estate cleanup will benefit from having a dumpster on site for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. A small dumpster is also perfect for cleanup from a big house party. Taking out the trash was never easier thanks to hassle-free dumpster rental.