Is Dumpster Safety Important?

We sincerely hope there’s no reason to argue why safety is important when renting roll off dumpsters. You’re going to handle large quantities of waste and throw them inside big metal containers that can easily hurt your workers if you’re not doing your homework when it comes to dumpster safety.

The first and most important thing you need to look into if you want a safe dumpster rental experience is who you work with. An experienced dumpster rental company is always going to see potential problems miles away and will warn you about them. Before you close the deal on the phone with a potential construction dumpster provider, just ask them about safety. If they proceed to give you advice based on what you said you’re dealing with, then you’ve got yourself a winner.

Can I Just Throw Anything Inside a Roll Off Dumpster?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Also, providing a list of the sort of items you can and cannot get rid of using a construction dumpster is tricky because it vastly depends on your local regulations. After all, the heavy debris, waste and junk you get rid of is going to end up in a landfill area, so you need to adhere to what your local officials say you can and cannot throw there!

However, as a general rule you’re going to have a hard time getting rid of chemical, flammable, hazardous materials and in some areas you can’t get rid of tires, appliances and some loose items using a roll off container.

How do I Prepare my Worksite?

This can actually be the most important aspect of getting rid of waste using a dumpster rental! You see, although it’s much easier and cheaper than using a regular thrash collection agency, you’ll have to do some homework of your own! For instance, did you take the time to think about whether or not the container will actually fit on your driveway? There are many cases in which clients have to place the roll off dumpsters on the side of the street – in this case you’ll most likely have to get written consent from your neighbors!

Moreover, you need to be on the lookout for potential damage to your property. Regardless of how careful you and your workers are things can still go wrong. For example, a lot of homeowners who rent roll off dumpsters the first time end up ruining their driveway because they didn’t think about putting down some plywood first. Others have the great idea of having the roll off containers placed on garden soil – needless to say the construction dumpsters can do some damage.


Protection Gear

If you’re not getting the right protection equipment for yourself and / or whoever is working on your waste removal job you are simply setting yourself up for failure. Getting a roll off container rental job going should always be done with human safety in mind. You don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars right away – just a pair of high quality gloves and good hard hat will keep you safe. Trust us, getting dumpster rental jobs done is much easier when you can sleep well.